Nikola Tesla and the magnetic motor

Nikola Tesla was well ahead of his time, and he passed major barriers when no one else believed it was possible to beat them. He has developed numerous technological advances present to this day. Tesla said he had discovered a basic concept for building perpetual motion machines that took energy out of the medium and would be the best way to gain power. As his work on wireless energy transmission had been ignored for economically threatening the energy market, it is to be hoped that not everything he researched and developed would be within reach.

The magnetic motor is a perpetual motion device that works without the addition of external energy and maintains its motion by correctly using the forces of attraction and repulsion of the magnets, one reason researchers do not believe in success when designing a magnetic motor hubbell wiring ds120ilbk. However, it should be borne in mind that classical physics may not be able to explain the origin of the motion created by the magnets. A magnetic motor rotating intermittently without the help of external sources of energy seems to create energy out of nothing, but quantum physics is a great way to clarify the setback of “creating energy from nothing” in the case of magnets.