The darker shades, for example, give the feeling of warmth and compactness.

Thus, painting all the walls and the ceiling with a dark color, you feel more
“embraced” in the room.
Now, if the intention is to lengthen the room, the ideal is to choose to keep the
ceiling light and the walls in a dark tone. This increases the horizontal line and
offers an idea of expanding the space.
Finally, to widen the room, you can paint the back wall and the ceiling with a
darker tone, while keeping the floor and side walls in a lighter tone. Is your goal
to expand the size of the room?

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So, know that the best colors for small rooms,
in this case, are the color palettes in light tones! However, nothing to be
restricted to beige or white! There are an incredible variety of shades that can –
and should – be explored. For example, greyish greens, quartz pinks, blues …
Using tone on tone is also a nice tip to expand the space and innovate in the
choice. If you choose a darker color in the room, try placing objects with the
same tone as the painting on that painted wall.