The oily base helps to waterproof the surface. It can be applied to walls, wood or even iron.

After choosing and buying the paints, it’s time to prepare the environment. Therefore, we advise you
to cover the floor with cardboard so that it does not become a big mess. sure the wall is uniform and
has no holes. If you are in this condition, you must pass the spackle before the paint. Do not paint
the wall on wet days, as it will take longer to dry the paint. But, don’t choose to paint on too hot
days. This is because heat can make painting difficult, causing stains on the wall. The painting of the
narrowest parts should be done with a brush. To paint the rest of the wall, use the roller. Try to use
the technique of W and N, that is, make movements as if you were writing these letters with the
material. Remember that painting in a straight line may take longer. To get a good result, apply 2 or
3 layers of paint. This way, the colors will become stronger, further personalizing the
environment. Using the right materials and following the tips above, painting your home is much

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