The use of house paints

Concord paiting house Infinity Pro
On porous substrates, such as wood, plaster or concrete (European Portuguese) or concrete
(Brazilian Portuguese), the primer also has the function of sealing the surface, in order to
prevent the subsequent release of air contained in the pores that will cause bubbles in the
final coating and to also allow you to spend less (more expensive) finishing paint. In this case
are the primers used in concrete, wood, plaster.
On metallic surfaces, the main function of the primer is to provide anti-corrosive protection to
the metallic substrate. On the other hand, primers for metallic surfaces have different
formulations. Some are intended to be applied on stripped (European Portuguese) or
sandblasted (Brazilian Portuguese) surfaces, others can be applied on less prepared surfaces,
as in the case of maintenance of already painted surfaces.
On plastic surfaces, the function of the primer is to allow the adhesion of the subsequent layer
of paint, which otherwise would not adhere to the polished plastic surface, and to give a
neutral color tone, which will allow any color to be applied to the piece. However, there are
solutions that are applied before the primer called “sealing solution for plastic” that guarantee
the adhesion of the plastic to the primer.